Viva México

I just got back from being in México for a month- the next couple entries will about the wonderful places my chicas and I visited and the experiences we had. From helping turtles go out into the ocean, crashing penthouse bachelor parties overlooking Puerto Vallarta, 6 hour bus rides to Guadalajara (and almost getting kidnapped), to sleeping on the beach and hanging out with XTina’s Gpa, Papou. This will be fun 🙂


Berlin- House Heaven

The theme hasn’t changed: Europe by night… definitely not by day.

I went to Berlin for the house music and it was hands down the best I’d ever heard. Hours and hours of legit music. I went with my brother, cousins, one of their sweet girlfriends, Pinar, and her friend Lara! It was nice to have some girls around for once hanging out with the boys 😛 We were only there for the weekend, and between sleeping from 10am-4pm, we managed to do just enough sightseeing, shopping, eating, and hanging out people watching.

I LOVE GERMANS. And their style. Men and women are just attractive. It’s not like Seattle where it’s rare to walk down the street and see someone attractive. It’s like you walk down the street and most people are attractive. And super put together.

They say you never hear the same song twice in Berlin. I heard one 3 times, it just went, “Berlin, Berlin, Berlin, Berlin, Berlin…” Seems fitting. Probably the only one though 🙂

Watergate: Super cool two story club right on the water. The train goes right above it. Handsome, man bun rocking, tall T wearing German men flooded the dance floor. Hot chicks with side shaven heads, cut off crop T’s and hipster glasses were gettin’ down. Just downright naturally attractive people. Not to mention I was in literally house heaven. The vibe is a little fancy, sexy, and you know everyone is there for the music.

They close the curtain as the sun is rising… my cousins and friends left and my brother (shockingly) stayed with me until 9am. “I knew you wouldn’t leave and you’d give me mad shit if I made you, and I couldn’t leave you here alone, so I’m staying :)” This made my weekend!!!! Thanks Miguel, you know me so well 🙂 We got home around 10 and slept until 3? Reminds me of Madrid.

Chalet- Way more underground, vintage, and stylish. You walk into a musky, smokey room- dat grungy vibe. There’s two floors of great music I found out about the upstairs 5 hours later. I really enjoyed the colorfully lantern lit garden and trees, and the fireplace outside (reminded me of Suma Beach in Istanbul). We were all so effing tired but managed to rally anyway, of course. I think I woke up at 4:30pm…

NO we didn’t go to Berghain which is apparently Church of house music clubs. The line was crazy and it was cold! I’ll be back cuz Berlin is supposed to be a party in the Summer.

Berlin is known for their currywurst- hot dog dowsed in ketchup? We went to the most famous place, Curry 36, and it was aight. We got some beers, and that was good:) We ate some schnitzel, went to an absinth bar, and drank lots and lots of beer.

I usually try to do a few museums while in new cities. We went to Checkpoint Charlie and the Berlin Wall, which both had free museums next to them. We could definitely feel the vibe of everything that went down there… It was an eerie feeling. Crazy to think how recent all that shit went down so recently. Or ever.

Daniel at the wall
Daniel at the wall

Fly Turkish Airlines. They give you Turkish Delight when you sit down, you get a menu, the food is better than most restaurants, and it’s just lovely. They’re also voted the best airline is Europe for the last 3 years… represent.

This was a great trip with my brother, cousins, and friends! ❤

The Dutch Tilt

It’s hard to believe I was traveling from Madrid to Amsterdam exactly a year ago today. I was so lucky to celebrate my bday with one of my best friends,Yasemin, who met me from Istanbul 🙂 It’s hard to believe this time last year I was getting to know one of my best friends, Miss Tatiana, seems like we’ve known each other 4ever. Hard to believe I wasn’t with my family! It’s hard to believe I’m about to be 25… whut!

Just reminiscing on Dam city. I had the most relaxing birthday yet, I woke up to surprise breakfast in bed, went shopping, explored the city! I won’t forget going to coffee shops and bringing our own sprinkles for the cappuccinos, rolling Js (lol), going to that warehouse party I’ve always dreamt of (EPIC- the taxi driver dropped us off at the wrong place and we were like… well, doesn’t look like that fancy club but there’s some lights, let’s walk down those stairs… best decision ever- SUCH GOOD HOUSE MUSIC). Van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank House was so powerful. Buying my first supergas, “4 Euro beers… that’s like free!” Umbrella graveyard, Yasemin eating a Big Mac in every city. 6am room service. Our amazing suite at the coolest hotel “Andaz Amsterdam”. The architecture. The good company.

Just everything. It was so magical.

Amsterdam is definitely one of my favorite cities. The people are beautiful, the language is cool, the accents are sexy, there’s more bikes than people, the music is amazing, and it has such a Seattle vibe.

Cheers to everything I’ve learned in the last year, Amsterdam specific: Don’t let your phone die and just get on the first train thinking you’ll find your hotel located on a canal…because every hotel is on a canal. And things work out like they’re supposed to. The biggest THANK YOU to the taxi driver who dropped us off at that warehouse and told us that was the club…10 hours later when we walked outside, we realized the club was right across the street. hehe. And a huge thank you to Yasemin for making it such a special trip. A birthday and city that will always have a big place in my heart. Love life 🙂

Cheers to

I got this (fake) drank in my cup

Sober September. Is it really the fad this Fall? Or did Ashley Taylor make it up so we have an excuse not to party…

So when I got back from Outsidelands, I told everyone I wasn’t going to drink for one month- and I haven’t been… drinking to the extent I was. Not that I was drinking too much like a problemo, but more often than I wanted to. The exception of having a glass of wine with my dad at an auction, with dinner at the grandparents house, when out with friends, when seeing Rudimental… Meh it’s just a drink.

I think the first week I “wasn’t drinking”, I drank more often than I was before! I had one drink every day. But hey I’m a social butterfly and am out and about doing random things all the time so of course it’s “socially unacceptable” to not have wine, right? -Maybe not. I’m undecided. But it is funny when I say, “hey I’m not drinking this month, cheers!” *smile sip sip sip* like whut??

People have said, “you don’t have a problem so why would you just give up alcohol like that?”
It has absolutely nothing to do with having a problem, but being tired and sabotaging some aspects of my life because I was out late on a Tuesday having some drinks… just sucks.

Spring quarter + graduation + being out a lot for work + having fun = a lot of going out and casual drinks. And a lot of casual mornings not going to yoga or the gym and feeling tired and icky all day.

I hit my peak of wild partying (of 2014) and not sleeping in August, 10 days in California, festivals back to back (HARD b2b Outsidelands) and was just TIRED after months of being cray. One could argue I’m always cray… But this was big time.

So I’ve toyed with the idea of really going one month without a sip of alcohol. I can 100% do it no problem, but I don’t want. SO! Instead of having a casual drink here and there cuz I’m out and about, I’ll save it for 2 nights a week.

Maybe that’s saying no to The Cha on Wednesday, but saying yes to The Q on Thursday and who knows what on Saturday. Or say yes to it all and pull the classic “soda water in a drink glass with a lime”, (like I do half the time anyway. And you need it in a drink glass cuz they always put waters in huge glasses with big straws… Ew). That way, no one can ask to buy you a drink and you can pretend you’re drinking. Or…maybe it’s cooler to be the one not drinking. Who knows! There’s a time and place for everything.

Here’s how I see it.
If I work out in the morning, I feel good. It wakes me up, increases my focus (which Lord knows I need), I feel good about myself… Then I have a way more efficient day. And when I don’t work out I stress about not working out, my back hurts-ouch, I’m not as relaxed, etc. Oh and I’m not poisoning my body and killing brain cells, which is always a good feeling. If something as easy as cutting down in the drank department and sleeping more will make that much of a difference en mi vida, then perfect. Easy.

So here it goes, to the healthier lifestyle, beauty sleep, early morning gym/yoga, and everything that comes with it 🙂

All ya’ll sober September babes, have fun not cheersing to when the Seahawks win this Thursday (I’ll be in SF, I hope they’re not mean to me). But really, good luck with #soberseptember, it’s trending, (and pretty cool to say you did it).

PS- I’m sucking at this once a week blog thing but I’m in bed writing it from my phone so… Love you #ligas.


Rollin down Cahuenga

I’ve decided I can make this as random and awesome as my life is and my goal is to post at least once a week. Whether or not people read it, it’s a way for me to document my life with pictures & what I’m up to. I wish I kept a hand written journal but, I don’t, yet. Probably because there aren’t any pictures and I like visuals and short stories. So here it is.

One of my best friends ERIC HSU bought me tickets to Hard Summer in LA for GRADUATION. What other way would we celebrate me finally graduating from college than doing what we love most? Going to a festival and listening to our favorite music and everything that happens in between. The support and encouragement I got from Hsu definitely played a huge role in where I am today. So we had to go Hard 😛

I land Friday night and right when I get in the car Hsu goes… “Hey so we have a couple options… my company has this boat…” Ok let’s go on the boat. DUH! We went straight to this fancy place and went on a yacht for a few hours in Long Beach. Welcome to LA byotch.

I spent the whole weekend with Hsu and mister Mike Hart, both handsome sweethearts who love good music. We all love to have fun and stay up way too late so, naturally, it was a good crew. Two of their awesome girl friends joined us Saturday and we ran into people all weekend. Seattle was definitely in the house. I can’t say anything more about Hard Summer besides that it was spectacular and I could not have asked for a better weekend and company. And I fell in love with DJ Mustard on tha beat, (h0). Six months was the longest I’d gone without seeing Hsubear and I’d prefer that doesn’t happen again. We raaaaaaged 😛 If you watched my snap vid you know what’s up. Other than that, it’s our story 🙂

– Eric lives a block away from Hermosa beach and we didn’t make it to la playa, that’s okay because I forgot my bikini top…

– We didn’t go to Barnacles, it’ll happen someday.

– Cahuenga is my favorite street in LA.

– CONFIDENCE. The crowd was a little different but hey that’s East LA for you right? (Just what I heard…). If you wanna wear pasties and flaunt all of what yo mama gave you, plus some, more power to ya. Confidence is key. Thank you to my half naked East LA babes (lol) for the reminder that . Always learning. The people watching was awesome.

My fav sets:

DJ MUSTARD, TCHAMI, BRODINSKI, DILLON FRANCIS, ATRAK, DJ SNAKE, JACK U, OLIVER, 2 MANY DJS… all so good. Love ya Hsudinski y muchas graciassss!!! 

My soundcloud!


So Spring quarter happened and I’ve been focusing on graduating/taking the easiest classes of my life/interning and having too much fun. I’ll pick up where I left off in Turkey, last July. Here’s Çeşme:

❤ Turkish beach culture ❤

July 2013- Çeşme just has a place in my heart. Some of my best summer memories are there. Crazy party, amazing food, so much history, that hot Aegean sun, and of course, the beach!! The vibe is just the best. The longest dirt roads lead to the coolest clubs. Day parties, night parties, sunrise parties… But you can also relax, eat (the best) fresh food and drink freshly squeezed fruit juice, and get super bronzey. It’s like the Mexico of Turkey- Cabo Spring break but it lasts all summer.

For starters this region has insane history. Just a few hours away from Çeşme is Ephesus where we can trace stories back to 6000 BC. Much of the Bible takes place here, too. The Virgin Mary’s house is in Ephesus so if that’s not cool, you’re probably not cool. Also TROY took place here- epic. And Greek Islands are about a 20 minute boat ride away. We can pretty much call this place Heaven.

Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 12.38.48 AM

Sooo usually the kuzen’s and I road trip but Michael and Daniel left a couple nights earlier, little Michael had to stay in Istanbul (but he surprised us and came too!!!) This time I flew- alone! I took a flight alone from Istanbul, landed, couldn’t find my driver. The only reason I found him is because I heard him say he was looking for a “yabanci kiz” Which means foreign girl. I was like BURDAYIM! I’m here! No phone, barely able to understand his accent and of course my Turkish isn’t the best… it was awesome. I got there just in time for Turkish breakfast… my fav.

There’s a ton to say about this trip but I’m going to focus on Michael through video and some pics 🙂

Michael Highlights of the trip:

1. We were there during Ramadan and I mentioned before Islamic country, pray 5 times a day, the first one starting when the sun rises. Back in the day in the villages a guy would walk around the streets drumming to act as an alarm for the people. Well, since Cesme is still pretty villagey they keep that tradition alive… We were walking home from the bars one night probably like 5am… Classic ridiculous/inappropriate Michael Wanaka.

2. One night Michael got way too drunk and just went literally insane. We were all having a great time and for some reason he wouldn’t leave me alone. Literally, I’d walk to the other side of the club and he’d follow me just to “piss me off”. And was just being wild and crazy, what was in your drink bro. So he was being ridiculous for a good 3 hours and finally at 8am I cried haha… so here you go. For making me cry 😉

“Oh is that why my neck muscles hurt?” Yes… Yes it is.

Oh and Daniel’s face while he’s paying the check to Guntas Bey.


**I wish I could add the other videos of Miguelito but sometimes he’s a little too ridiculous 😉 

Here’s a glimpse of wonderful Cesme, beach life, food, drank, my handsome brother and cousins, and beautiful aunt Rozet



Winter faves

Since it’s the last day of Winter (and almost the end of Winter quarter!), it’s appropriate to talk about my fav DJ sets of Winter 2014.

Every quarter is the same, I listen to sets on sets on sets for days after my last final. Even though I still have one on Thursday, ain’t gotta study for that (E-Z). The only real time I have to listen to all this amazing music is when I’m driving, at the gym, or should be sleeping. And of course when I’m at da club. I blame any quarter I didn’t get good grades on spending too much time listening to music instead of studying since I was like 13.

So… I’m posted up in my room, headphones, good music, life is good. The only thing I’m worried about is missing my 6:30am yoga class with Pittman cuz I stayed up too late listening to good muzik. Vamos a ver.

Currently listening to Foreplay Vol.1 by FooFou… I am obsessed. Local Seattle dj who is just a boss. I think the first time I saw him he was wearing fur (!!). I’ve been blasting his “Foreplay Vol. 2” set for like a month and decided I should branch out. Now I’m hooked on Vol. 1. But I’ve probably listened to Vol. 2 at least 50 times. At least. (The intro is one of the sexiest things I’ve ever heard.)

Every time I hear him I’m like damnnnn! After being in Europa, I was kind of (really) dreading coming back to the freakin’ commercial bangerz but I’m liking what’s happening- I’m loving the scene. I think I’m really into Vol. 2 because it’s like the 4am music- when it starts to get reallllyyy good. Or the perfect music you’d wanna hear at an after in Seattle. Both regular and after hour sets I’ve heard have been pretty bossy. He’s one of the few DJs I’ve heard in Seattle and instantly been like “hey, who is that”.

I also just think I’m a little strange (or awesome). If could stay out til 8 or 9am all the time I would… (Oh wait… 😉 )  So it makes perfect sense the really good music start at 4 or 5 am, halfway into the night, instead of sometimes never or at 1am <<isn’t that when we’re supposed to be getting there? (reason # 28372734 why I love Europe).

I ❤ Afters. I think by the time I get to where I’m going, 2am just comes too quick. But even in Madrid I was all about going to the 8am afters and no one ever wanted to go. Joder tíooooo. At that point it just turns into a day party and that’s the best. Seattle afters are pretty sweet though! Can get pretty weird but I’m into it. FAQ I ask myself: Where do half of these people come from? Is this a house, art gallery, or club? Why isn’t anyone dancing yet? (Give it 20 min). And where’s my Red Bull? Also, remember noc noc last Spring? #everyweekend haha that place def got weird, or maybe it always was.

The last couple weeks I’ve been pretty hooked on 4 or 5 sets. Housey, moombahton, electro house, trap, hard style, bouncey beats… all the good beats. Pretty eclectic.

Feb/March faves:

FooFou Foreplay Vol. 1 & 2.

Dj Snake– Essential mix BBC Radio 1

Bro Safari– Diplo and Friends mix on BBC Radio 1Xtra

Tiga @ Picnic Electronik        *(Thanks Hsu for sending this my way, love it).

I love my purple headphones!!! Urbanears. I bought them the day before I left Istanbul because my headphones broke! Not too expensive, really cute, and sound good.


Def not making it to early yoga. Good thing I don’t have class and can go any other time mañana 🙂

Istanbul: “It’s just gonna be cool to be able to say I did it…”

One random night in Capitol Hill turns into crazy Euro adventures. I run into Mr. Nate Proulx and he’s like “heyyyy are you gonna be in Turkey this summer?” and I’m like, “hell ya, I’ll be in Europe for 6 months” and he was like, “No way, I’m playing football in Germany for 6 months” So Natedogg and I plan to meet up in Europe. Oh and we’ve also known each other since we were 5 (St. Brendan’s 4 lyfe) which makes it that much cooler. So he’ll show up in some of these #suecampbell

So the time comes and my brother and I pick him up at the airport. I was pretty nervous… All I can think about is “Oh shit, I know he’s cool, but I hope he’s REALLY cool because he’s about to be around my brother and cousins, if they don’t like him my life could be over, please Lord”. So we’re stuck in traffic for about an hour and Nate hasn’t said one word to me. I didn’t even care and was freaking ecstatic because it meant that he was talking big Mikey, which means they got along… made my life 9283742734 times easier. Gold stars for you Nathan.

I think we went straight to kapalicarsi, the Grand Bazaar, the oldest mall en todo el mundo. One of the biggest covered markets in the world, started to be built in 1455 during the Ottoman Empire (badasssssss). There’s over 3,000 stores there so you can really find anything and everything. Gold, jewelry, belly dancing outfits, shoes… there’s a whole section for leather and a spice Bazaar. Toys, dishes, household items, mannequins… literally everything. Dede (my grandpa) used to have a jewelry store there, his brother still does, and now my cousin Daniel has a café!! So we go drink çay (tea) and eat way too much kebab, go around the Baazar, go to Galata tower…

And I think Nathan was a little culture shocked. Another thing that probably made it interesting is the 99% Muslim population in Turkey, and it happened to be Ramadan. There are mosques all throughout the city and country. Prayer 5 times a day are amplified through loud speakers in all of the mosques. We happened to be by the loudest one in Istanbul… I love it. It was fun experiencing the “first time to Istanbul” thing with him and seeing it from a different perspective. Made me appreciate it a lot more!

551277_10152068031034881_1510776061_n 1280486_10152068030554881_208391955_n


Good thing I take way too many photos and videos to document my life. I ironed Nate’s shirt and that’s just a big deal in itself. Him, my cousin Michael and I go to Taksim. I think we went to Otto which is one of my fav little clubs in Istanbul, in the heart of Taksim. Such good music all the time. (There’s also an Otto in Cesme, I’ll get to that later.) Narrow streets and alleys are just lined with so many restaurants, bars, and clubs & windy narrow steep stairs that lead to rooftop fun with amazing views of the city… places you’d never know of unless you lived there, and that’s the best. (Find Balkon when you go). Taksim vibe is just so good.

Not sure Nate liked the music 🙂 But after hanging out with me and being in Europe I think his perception of electronic has changed. He’ll never admit it in public but he loves it. It’s not only the “boom boom boom boom knife party knife party boom boom I just wanna get loose when the beat drops” wildness, which I do love, but there seems to be more of a sophistication and the actual enjoyment of it. Europe has always had good music that ‘Murica is getting a hold of now. Slowly but surely. Yayyyyy.

The night was fun and of course we had çorba and pide (pronounced “chore-ba” and “pee-deh”)-delicious Turkish food! Corba is lentil soup and pide is like Turkish pizza. It’s classic to eat between 4-9am, the equivalent to our hotdogs or Jack in the Box after a night out. There are restaurants that open at 6 in the morning for the rush of party goers which I think is pretty awesome. And it’s always packed! It’s nice because you wake up feeling good and it’s healthy and soooo yummy.


It’s also very normal for guys like this to come up to your table while you’re eating and play and sing for you… hehehe. So cute. This was while we were waiting for our food.

And we get home at 6 or 7am and Michael and Danny are just waking up for their 7 hour drive to Çeşme which is Southwestern Turkey on one of the peninsulas. I will fly there Monday morning and meet them, my wonderful auntie Rozet, Alberto and Alex.

Saturday was a struggle. But I got to play tour guide (which was awesome) and took Nate to Aşşk Kahve (one of my fav breakfast/lunch restaurants in Isty, right on the water- Go there). I had a delicious bloody mary and I think he had Sangria.. and of course burgers. Then we did a lot of walking around and went to the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, and did the awesome touristy things with a terrible hangover 🙂 (Stole some of these from Nate, thanks.)

SUMA BEACH: The hipsters and the cool crowd

aka The Oregon Trail in Turkey

This new cool hipster outdoor music place at Suma Beach, on the Black Sea. I didn’t know Istanbul had so many trees..or so many hipsters. It’s extreeeeemely interesting because Turkey is 99% Muslim, and I’ve never seen so many hippies in my life and I live in Seattle. I’ve been going there my whole life and wouldn’t have ever expected it. Even my cousin was shocked! We get there and the music is so damn good. Oh my goodness. It was seriously sooooooo good. Michael and I love it and Nate’s like what is this… We ❤ Hau5 Music. My cousin knows like everyone there… cuz he’s so cool and all the girls want him. “Michael yaaaaaaa”. Just like any experience you had to be there but here are some pics.

This random weekend was definitely one of my fav times in Isty. Made me love it even more. I think Nate got an essential experience, so glad he visited!! And now one of my friends finally believes me that it really is… the best.

Road to Ultra: Bosnia Style

If you know me, my brother, and my cousins, you know that putting us in a car in Bosnia to try and find our way to Croatia with a broken GPS is just about one of the last things we should be doing together. Or maybe the best… Either way we made it and I’ll never forget it. This was my first little “European Adventure” of many during my 6 months there and set the standard high!

My big broskie and I arrived to Istanbul on July 9, a few days before Ultra Europe, so we were extremely jet lagged but it had to happen. So my brother, two cousins and I flew to Bosnia and refused to take anyone’s advice about taking a bus to Croatia and we rented ourselves a nice Audi. Had to arrive to (the first) Ultra Europe in style, duh.

Despite all of the awful things that have happened in Bosnia, it really is a beautiful country. I enjoyed driving through there… The 7 hour drive with a broken GPS and trying to find food for the boys before they killed each other was just part of the adventure. We only drove about an hour once we finally made to Croatia. And the food was absolutely amazing! We had the best meals of the trip at random places on the high way…Effing Bosnia.

We also learned that Michael wants to be a dragon which will come later- I think I’ll have to devote a post to Michael’s thoughts and quotes 😛

Ultra was sooooo sweet. Saw some of my favorite DJS, VIP (woooo), amazing music, beautiful people everywhere, from everywhere, and kicked it with my familia. It was definitely unlike any American festival I’ve been too, the European vibe was really different, less ragey in your face (still pretty ragey), and it was super cool I loved it. There was some C-drama but hey no big deal 😉 We also had this HUGE Turkish flag that was as tall as me that I wore as a cape half the time with my American flag top. Aaaaaaand we met some people from Seattle so that was freakin’ awesome.

Oh…and people brought their babies to pregame.

Carl Cox stage. This guy was walking around with saran wrap making a saran wrap train!! So cool. It’s not the best video because I was dancing…

I’m glad I convinced my cousins and my brother (shocking) to go to this with me! Happy I can say I was part of the first Ultra Europe in Croatia.  (<<<Eddie that’s for you).

Here are some pics

Partying my way through Europe

I wanted to have a blog while I was in Europe… but that didn’t happen. I was occupied being on planes and trains, partying in Ibiza, pregaming at 1am, staying up ’til 9 am, and taking siestas. Laying on beautiful beaches in Turkey and Spain, loving Barcelona, hearing amazing DJs, drinking too much beer at Oktoberfest, going to warehouse parties in Amsterdam, celebrating Halloween in Morocco, going to Kapi in Madrid, going to class…?

…Making amazing friends, having surprise visitors, eating so much Nutella, being an “americana”, and loving life. Oh and learning Spanish. O Seaaaa.

So I figure better late than never. I think about it every day so this could be therapeutic… ha. Here you will find lots of pictures, random thoughts, stories, and whatever else. A mix of Europe and life now. And most likely a lot of Spanglish. Vamos.